Thursday, June 3, 2010

New bookmark

After a slow start, I seem to be on a roll. I really wanted to combine the variegated red Lizbeth thread with a bright yellow, but the two size 20s didn't match very well and tatting with both was turning out to be a problem. After trashing two efforts, I decided to try combining crochet and tatting. I did my first project with half-closed rings to make a honeycomb-looking center, added a round of double crochet and then topped it off with a tatted chain for effect. I'm struggling with a name for the design. I'm considering Flaming Caverns, Crowned Fire, or (to accommodate the effect in other colors) Cavern Springs. Suggestions, anyone?


Jane Eborall said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty, clever, clever, CLEVER.

Typstatting said...

Lovely I think Flaming Cavern!!!!

IsDihara said...

This is definitely NOT your grandmother's bookmark -- hee, hee! (I just had to type that, because the crochet reminds me of granny squares.)

It is very eye-catching and ingeniously drafted. Great job!

As for names, it reminds me of a mandala (and here is an image of a silk veil to help you visualize:

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

I DO see the resemblance to a mandala. And thank you, TypsTatting for your vote as well.

Fox said...

Yes, clever indeed! Very attractive.
Fox : )

Unknown said...

That is absolutely gorgeous! I cannot wait for the pattern!!! I like flaming cavern too because of the yellow.
I love Jane's comment...yes, it is pretty clever!
~TattingChic ♥