Saturday, June 12, 2010

Failed Bookmark

I've been working on another of the Flaming Caverns Bookmarks. I chose a solid center and then tried one of the Lizbeth variegated threads for the crochet round. I don't like it at all. Unlike the previous one in which I used Manuela for the crochet, the Lizbeth is producing a little over an inch of crochet in one color before switching to the next. These lengths of color don't look at all well in this pattern. I'm about to strip it off and see if I have a Manuela color that will work to finish this one up.


IsDihara said...

It is good to know that color spacing of a certain length isn't suitable for your lovely bookmark.

Can you estimate the color spacing for the thread you are using? I would like to compare it so some of mine, just to see if the spacing is consistent between variegated balls of Lizbeth thread.

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

In Lizbeth color #130 the colors seem to be in strips of about 13 inches. In color #147 you have lengths of about 26 inches in red followed by about 18 inches of brown. I used #147 as the center and outer round of the first Flaming Caverns Bookmark. The Manuela (#205) that I'm using changes color more subtly, but the sections seem to be about 5 inches long. I much prefer these shorter lengths of color.

I just finished the 'failed' bookmark with three different brands and sizes of thread. Center is size 30 DMC Cebellia, the crochet is size 20 Manuela, and the outer round is some size 5 or 10 crochet cotton of unknown origin that I still had around. I'm blocking it now, but will try to get a picture up tomorrow.