Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy International Tatting Day!

We are just 3 minutes away by my time, but it has already begun in other parts of the world. I wanted to do something special for all of my tatting friends and promote the art of tatting at the same time, so I'm offering you a pattern today. It offers a chance to practice Catherine Wheel joins if you wish, along with half-stitches, split rings, and a little block tatting. The sample was tatted with one of Jess's beautiful threads available through her Etsy shop, Tatilicious. The pattern is available here. Please let me know if you have any problems with the pattern.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Shuttle-tatted Interlocking Rings

If you've been admiring the patterns with interlocking rings, but avoid them because you don't want to use needletatting or fingertatting, you really must visit Kathy Niklewicz's blog post where she has begun a tutorial for making them with the shuttle. I'm sure you can't see the problems in my efforts in the photo below as well as I can, but I'm getting close thanks to Kathy. While the variegated thread shows up better in the picture, the larger white thread has been a better choice for my practice. I'm going to devote my tatting time to working on this technique this morning.

Okay, I'm back with a progress report. I carefully followed Kathy's pictures as I went. At photo 9, Kathy says to keep the shuttle thread behind the closing ring and the first ring as you close that second ring. I tried posting my shuttle through the second ring from front to back before closing the ring and it has made a tremendous difference in the appearance of my finished work. I'm going to go over to Kathy's blog to see if she does this routinely (I know some tatters do so). Below are images of my last effort from both sides.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dragon Wing Doily

This is my second Dragon Wing Doily by Anne Bruvold. I tatted my first one in May 2011. My tension was rather tight this time which made the piece rather stiff and a little more fiddly to block than I expected. This is a tatter issue rather than a designer one. I did not notice this problem with my first effort.  The nice thing about the stiffness is that it would hang nicely as an ornament without stiffener. I'd like to try it again with deliberately lighter tension to see if the difference was in the thread I used or in my tatting. Anne's pattern is a lovely one and enjoyable to tat. You'll find it in English here.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wanda's Graduation Cross

I used Wanda's Graduation Cross pattern for this little cross in one of the Lizbeth variegated threads. I got off to a bad start when I made the 3rd of the starting rings a split ring and didn't catch my mistake until I had worked my way around to start the 3rd leg. Oops! I resolved the issue by making a fourth ring for the center with a SCMR. It would have been less obvious in a solid thread, but I feel it was a decent compromise that kept this piece from the trash bin. My photograph doesn't do this thread justice.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lost tatting bag & start of an elephant

I was on a tatting roll when last I posted. I finished a cross and got a good start on a Dragon Wing Doily before I got the great idea to take my tatting to work. After a couple of weeks of getting no tatting done during my lunch break, I decided it was best to bring it back home. The moment when I made that decision is the last time I can remember seeing my tatting bag. I have no clue what I did with it and that was well over a week ago!

When I got home last night the only thing I could think of that I wanted to do was to tat. I got out Inga Madsen's Tatted Animals and started Elephant in Elizabeth size 20 Seashell. It felt so good to have a shuttle in my hand again. One forgets how relaxing tatting can be when you don't make time for it for quite a while. So this is my progress so far. I'm going to post this picture and go back to playing with shuttle and thread as I drink my blackberry tea.

Happy tatting, everyone.