My Tatting Patterns

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Stars in Stars Ice Drop
add 1/1/2018

Motif with Mock Rings by Looping Chain on Itself 

Edging Practice Piece for Consecutive vs Simultaneous Joins
(Click on the image to view the tutorial with stitch counts for the edging.)

Dorothy Edging

Morning Glory Bookmark

Butterfly Twins

Dancing Flower


Flaming Caverns Bookmark

Hat Motif

Yusoff and Davis Snowflake

Scissor Bracelet

Small Cross Bookmark

Tat Chat Shuttle

Mini Hearts

Wheel Bookmark

A pattern element by Anna Valeire from Tatted Yoke No. 4 in Fifteen Tatted Yokes and Camisoles Finished on Satin, 
Book 9, published by E. C. Spuehler in the early 1900s

Valeire Square Ice Cream Cone

Valeire Square Teardrop and Heart

Valeire Square Bookmark - What Is It?

Valeire Square Corner Bookmark

Valeire Square Bookmark 

Maltese Pinwheel Snowflake
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Blooming Trellis Bookmark

Teddy Bear

Eliz and Sarah Round Robin 1

Eliz and Sarah Round Robin 2

Ring-Only Wreath

Hen and Chick Cross by Barbara Tozzano


muskaan said...

Hi Eliz,
Your Butterfly Twins & Dancing Flower are so very cute ! I also like the snowflake & hearts - gorgeous lacy patterns :-)
Thank you for sharing ...
Warm regards

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