Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thanks for the welcome

Thanks so much for the welcome back. I found your blogs and webpages inspiring yesterday. I didn't even make it to the forums before deciding to find my shuttles. I knew better than to over think it. I could have spent days just deciding what to do. I had run across one of Roger Freedman's cross patterns as I was sorting a few papers earlier in the day. I grabbed the first filled shuttles I put my hands on and started tatting.

This one starts near the bottom. I had worked my way through one side and the top before I realized I had added too many rings to the first side arm. My first thought was to cut it off and start over. (Later, of course. I was easily discouraged, I'm afraid.) However, I talked myself into cutting out and salvaging the project. My choices were to cut out a small amount and lengthen all of the arms or go back to the spot where I added the first additional ring. I chose to do the latter and got it finished before I went to bed last night. It feels wonderful to have started and completed a project. I'm going to find some more shuttles that need emptying and start another.

Thanks for the welcome and the inspiration.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Checking in with the tatting community

Hello, all. I know I've been missing in action for months and I've missed all of you. Other things have had higher priorities so that the only tatting I've done was just before Christmas and I didn't take a single picture.

I'm home this week recovering from the removal of a wisdom tooth. I'm feeling more awake today, but still not up to doing much. It seemed like the perfect time to visit your blogs and webpages to see what you've been up to. Now I'm off to visit your sites.