Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Runner Edging Completed and Attached

Finally another UFO has been finished. It doesn't look at all like it started as the recipient requested a change in the edging and how it was to be mounted. I confess that the new design was quicker and easier, but it has still taken me most of the year to get it done. The sewing required to attach an edging is the part of a project I tend to dread. Rather than let it hang over me, I took most of the day after I completed the last ring to get it done. Now I get to enjoy the wonderful feeling a project truly finished.

At this rate I will start the new year with a shorter list of UFOs, but I'll still be carrying over a number of them. I don't despair though. Progress is still progress.

Keep tatting, everyone. Your work reminds me how much I enjoy this art, too, and helps to keep me motivated.