Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tat Along Progress and Tatter Needs Test Tatters

First, let me share a request for test tatters that I came across today. Jessica needs test tatters for a chocker that is completed in one pass. Drop in here to volunteer. It sounds interesting. While I'm having trouble finding enough time to finish the projects I've already got going, I look forward to seeing some of the tatted samples. It looks like it will be a lovely piece to tat and to wear.

While waiting for the leaf pattern to post for the Tat Along project, I tatted up three different sets of rosettes--purple, red, and a lovely variegated color. The tatting of the rosettes went very fast. Not so the leaves! I've finished only one leaf! I love the pattern, but I have to pay close attention to it as I work. Maybe after I've done a few it will come easier. I noticed that some of the other participants have had problems getting the pieces to fit together properly to produce a flat piece of lace.  Now that I've caught up reading your blogs, I'll go start leaf #2.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My deepest sympathies to Gina's family and friends.

My heart feels heavy with sorrow. Gina Brummett has touched the lives of so many of us--encouraging, teaching, inspiring. There are tributes to her on many of the tatting blogs this week. We shall all miss her tremendously.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tat Along progress

Four flowers are ready for leaves. See my previous post for links to the Tat Along.
Our home is beleaguered by illness and things are very busy at the office. I really want to rest and tat today, but energy and motivation seem low, so I decided to read about tatting in hopes that inspiration would come. The first blog I visited today was Umi & Tsuri and there was the inspiration I needed. I'm reading no further for now. I'm going to load my shuttle and start the TatAlong before I can talk myself out of it. Happy tatting, everyone.