Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dad is out of hospital

We had a special lunch and celebration at our house so my children could celebrate Father's Day with their dad. Then we loaded up to go out to my folks' house and celebrate with my dad (who has been released from the hospital) before they head out of town to spend a few days with my siblings.

I'm about to pull out my shuttles to finish up some of this week's beginnings while I keep the washer and dryer running to catch up on laundry. I'll try very hard to get some scans up in a day or two.

Many thanks for the thoughts and prayers on our behalf. Dad has a number of followup appointments. He seemed to be feeling much better today.

BTW, my pop-a-bobbin shuttle arrived. It is loaded and ready to go.


Nancy G said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I see we follow a lot of the same awesome is that! Last week, in my weekly tatting group on of the ladies showed me her tatted 'fold-over bookmark' by Jon and I see you post it on here too! Such a small world! Wonderful that you spent Fathers Day with your dad...mine has long since died...but I have wonderful memories! *smile*

God's Kid said...

I am glad he is home and thankful for the answered prayers. Sounds like your day was blessed and busy! Hope your week is too! :)