Sunday, February 10, 2013

Heart earrings, but no pictures

I carried my tatting with me all week, but didn't get anything done until today. At my daughter's request I whipped up a quick pair of heart earrings for her to use as a prize later this week. No pictures, I'm afraid. I used TatfullyYours' Flower Heart, size 10 Nazli Gelin Garden in a dark red, and gold earring wires. My daughter thinks they'll be a big success.

Have a great week everyone. I hope to have something to post again next weekend.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hearts in Lizbeth Watermelon size 20

I tatted these two hearts yesterday. The one on the right is Little Bit of My Heart by Dan the Tatman. The other one is Vicki Clarke's Ruffled Heart. I had a little trouble with the ruffled chains in Vicki's pattern. My stitches wanted to twist around rather than ruffle, especially on the 2nd chain.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bad Combination

Complex pattern with no diagram + recovering from dental surgery + migraine headache = ERROR, ERROR! I did not arrange the chains symmetrically as I started down the other side. I decided that I'm really not well enough right now to work on anything that requires this much concentration, so I'm sitting this pattern aside for later. It is a beautiful design and I should make sure I can give it the attention it deserves. So today I'm going to go back to browsing my collection for simpler patterns that will allow me to enjoy tatting without so much concentration.

Happy Tatting

Friday, February 1, 2013

Beeton Cross

Since my first project was by chance a cross, I decided to work my way through some of my cross patterns. This one is super simple. It was inspired by an edging in Beeton's Book of Needlecraft. I don't have a pattern, just notes about ring and chain sizes. I think Georgia Seitz may have shared this idea through the Online Tatting Class at some point.
I'm already working on the next cross, but I've moved to a more complicated pattern. It is Gillian Buchanan's Sharon's Celtic Cross. It is worked with 2 colors and 4 shuttles.