Saturday, April 6, 2024

Tatted Animal Bookmarks and Bobbin Lace Progress

 Hello, my friends. I took a break from working on pattern creation with Inkscape to just have some fun. Summer holidays will begin in a few weeks and I wanted to make some fun bookmarks for my grandchildren to use and share with their friends to add a little extra fun to summer reading. Here you see the Gold Fish and the Alligator. Neither are exactly like the patterns (noted in the photos) as I just can't seem to resist tweaking as I go when something more convenient or interesting suggests itself, but they are close. I highly recommend both original patterns. Both are tatted in size 20. The fish was done with a Manuela thread still in my stash and the the alligator was done with a hand-dyed thread I bought many years ago.

My first bookmark was actually an adorable bobbin lace fish, but I mailed it off as a birthday present to a young relative of mine without thinking to take a picture first. I plan to make another one, though, so I hope to get a picture of the next one.

I also completed this Three Stitch Sampler (source in the photo) which certainly highlights my need for plait practice. I gained some wonderful help with the instructions and some great tips to improve those troublesome plaits with my next practice.

April also saw my first needle tatted project completed as part of Natia Vallee's Needle Tatting Classes, part of the Online Tatting Classes through It isn't too late to join the class. Just visit the website to find out more.

I hope your own projects are coming along well.