Thursday, August 18, 2011

Injured Fingers

I have another bracelet finished with the River Dancers pattern, but no pictures yet. I'm taking a break from tatting for a few days to let my fingers heal. There is a routine to how I bring the dog in from the dog pen at night. He just unexpectedly veered from the routine when my back was turned. He lunged after something (I never saw what) and I didn't get my fingers out of the leash quick enough to prevent a bad rope burn across 4 fingertips. It was every bit as painful as the microwave steam burn I received a few years ago. I paced the floor with my fingers in a bowl of cold water waiting for the pain relievers to kick in. I am amazed, though, at how quickly it is healing. I may be able to tat tomorrow or Saturday.

Meanwhile, I've been working on plans for some major rearrangement of furniture. My sewing and tatting supplies have been gradually spreading out over two rooms this summer as my work area is central to the two-room area. All other users have agreed to let me have the smaller of the two rooms as my own. So I've been measuring the spaces and pieces and sorting things for storage, trash, give-away, etc. DH is off Monday so I hope to get it all set up like I want it then.


IsDihara said...

Hurray for having a craft room of your own! Is it a room with a view? Will you have a comfy tatting chair like Jane Eborall and CrazyMom (and no doubt others) do?

So sorry to hear of your leash-burned fingers. Ouch and double OUCH!

Suztats said...

Hope your fingers heal soon!

Fox said...

Ouch! And not even a tatting related deficient digit. That REALLY smarts!
Fox : (

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

My favorite tatting chair will go with me. It is a desk chair that swivels and rolls, and I can change the height to fit the work surface I'm using. I love the versatility of it. Now if it just had wide arm rests and a cup holder... Hmm.

As to a view, it has two windows and my sewing machine table will sit right in front of one of them. While I wouldn't call the view great, there is blue sky, green grass, and some trees to be seen. I love taking breaks to look out windows. It is so relaxing to watch the movement of the leaves in the trees, to follow the trail of the robins and mocking birds as they hunt for bugs in the grass, and to explore the sky for cloud pictures.

Marilee Rockley said...

Hope you are all healed quickly!