Sunday, March 3, 2024

Catherine Wheel Joins and Torchon Cloth Stitch


This is my practice piece for the Catherine Wheel Join. It has plenty of bad joins as well as some good ones. I think I've finally got it, but I plan to keep practicing until it's large enough to serve as a coaster for my favorite mug.

Progress on Torchon! I completed three inches. I love that this project lets me practice cloth stitch as well as the effect of twists within. Just two more inches til completion.

Inkscape and I are becoming friends again, too. I'm learning from the YouTube channel of Sue Fuller who does the Design Classes for channel and from my own mistakes. I completed my first diagram--a simple pattern my daughter is sharing with all of us. It's been so long since I used Inkscape, but some of it is coming back as I work. Most important lesson I learned last week?--Save, Save, Save! Hours of work were lost when the program crashed and efforts to re-open the document crashed the program again and again. Things are working much better for me now. It crashes, and I open my last manually saved copy, which usually means repeating only the last change I made.

Til next time!


Jane McLellan said...

Good way to practice CWJ. I didn’t last very long with Inkscape so I take my hat off to your persistence. Especially in the face of numerous crashes.

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

Thank you, Jane. It was quite discouraging at first.

muskaan said...

I love the CWJ - much better than blipless joins or JSS. It's a handy skill.
Glad you are becoming comfortable with Inkscape. As you become more familiar, you will be able to create your own hacks (like I did, even though I learned from Robin's tutorials).
Ah, but Saving is the only drawback of this program. Wish it would auto-save. I've had my share of lost effort and time when I forgot to save frequently.

God's Kid said...

That will be a pretty coaster when done!! :)
I haven't done CWJ, although I have tried only a couple of times. ;)
Your Bobbin lace looks nice!! :)

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

Thank you. I'm still struggling to get a consistent look with this join.