Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Updated Links and Progress on a UFO (unfinished object)


While waiting to place an order for more Lizbeth threads, I thought I would work on a UFO. I started this Starfish by Lisa Trumble some time during the last few years while I was out of contact with you. I finished leg two and started leg three. I printed the pattern years ago, but it doesn't show the link. Many thanks to Erin for providing the Wayback Machine link.

Having decided to start again learning to make bobbin lace, I took out my homemade pillows-- a flat circular pillow and a roller one. Covers and pin cushions have been cleaned and they will both be in working order once I return the trim around the inset box that holds the roller. These pillows have been gathering dust since we moved here from Texarkana about 20 years ago! 

Joy Pipes of California helped me make these. She and her family stayed with us for a little over a week. Joy also taught me how to use a drop spindle, how to bead my bobbins, helped me start my collection of bobbin lace books, and helped me learn the cross and twist movements. She also taught me how take my computer apart to replace components, and I taught her how to tat with a shuttle. She was already tatting lovely lace with the needle, but wanted to learn the shuttle, too. It was a great visit. My daughters loved her daughters. Our husbands were there, too, but I don't remember anything about how they occupied their time. 

The other thing I've accomplished is to find The Online Tatting Class's new webpages. It is now "The Online Tatting Class founded by Georgia Seitz." The sessions are on YouTube and there is a Facebook Group. Tami Montgomery has taken the baton from Georgia Seitz, and I truly appreciate her for doing so. It would have been so sad to lose all that Georgia has done and I'm thrilled the classes are still being conducted. Patterns are being moved to the new website, but it is a work in progress.  I've replaced the links for the Teddy Bear and the Blooming Trellis Bookmark to the class links as there is more detail in those files. The Online Tatting Class link is now back on my Groups page.

Happy tatting, everyone!


Jane McLellan said...

Interesting post, thank you.

erin said...

Lisa's website is available on the Wayback Machine. The starfish pattern can be found at

It's so nice to see you posting again! (Writes the lurker...) ;-)

muskaan said...

You are making progress on many fronts! Looking forward to more lace pics in future. 💕

Marilee Rockley said...

Pretty covers on those bobbin lace pillows! It'll be fun to see what lace you'll make.