Sunday, October 16, 2016

Candle from Mohler Square & TWoT Observations

Candle adaptation using Rachael Mohler's Hen n Chicks Square
Threads: Green size 20 Cebelia, Red size 20 Manuela, 
Variegated Gold/White size 20 Manuela 
with strand of Gold Kreinik Blending Filament

This was my first attempt at Rachael's square which uses her alternative method for a single shuttle split ring. You might remember that I've been struggling to relearn the split chain, but the knots just clicked for me in Rachael's square. Maybe I've ended my split chain problems. I certainly hope so.

I experimented by starting these squares at different places. Both of the efforts to the left in the image above began with the large ring in the corner. As expected after my previous ring only experiments as part of muskaan's This Way or That Set 1, the work after this ring progressed clockwise. 

In the red square that I've attached to the green one, I decided to start with an inner ring. As you can see from my arrow in the above picture, the work progressed counterclockwise as in my previous experiments with beginning with inner rings. By choosing to begin at a ring that is a SSSR in Rachel's original design, I was also able to test how the split rings look compared to a true ring in the same location. See if you can find the ring in the candle picture above. I'm very pleased with the result. 

I considered tatting additional squares to make a bookmark or a square mat. I even considered laying the squares on their sides and adding little bows to the top of each so that they looked like gifts. I finally settled on the candle ornament above, adding some blending filament to the variegated gold and white thread to create a flame on the top.

Conny Pheiffer's Angel
Motif #2 of 3rd 25 Motif Challenge
White size 30 Cebelia

I got one other item tatted this week. Cornelia Pheiffer gave me an opportunity to test tat this pattern for her. It is a well-done design, and she offers the pattern for your free use. Thank you, Conny!


Madtatter80 said...

Love you adaptation for the candle and great creative idea! and I too love this angel will be making with out beads hopefully soon.
have a wonderful week :)

muskaan said...

Love your candle and your idea for a ribboned gift !!! Beautiful angel ! Great tatting.
Based on your thoughts, if the squares are joined into a bookmark, one can still weave in a ribbon through the center ?

I read your observations and experimentation with a lot of interest and am so happy that you tried and enjoyed it. Yes, it was easy to spot the true ring, after yoiu mentioned it. One would probably have to increase the bare thread space to span the distance?
Did you consider a half-ring in place of the SSSR ?

Thanks for going through the exercise :-)

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

Thanks, Carollyn.

muskaan, I wouldn't thread a ribbon through unless I filled the squares. I just can't think of a way to do it that would work well. I never considered a half-closed ring as a replacement for the SSSRs, but that would work! I was just focused on different starting points, which led to starting with a true ring where an SSSR would have been.

God's Kid said...

Fabulous candle and wonderful angel!!! :)

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

Thanks, Sue.

Grace Tyler said...

I'm so in love with that angel! Good job, you and Connie!

Grace Tyler said...

The link to Connie's blog isn't going through. Could you see if you can fix it? Sure would love that pattern.

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

Thank you, Grace, for alerting me that the link to Connie's angel was not working properly. I've corrected the problem and tested it.