Saturday, October 3, 2015

Norma Benporath Mystery Edging

The tatting is done, but I haven't pressed it yet. The outer round has a ruffled effect at the moment which I think is quite attractive. It has been lots of fun to tat.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Sharon is teaching design classes through her blog

I took Sharon's design classes quite some time back. She did a great job and now she is teaching through her blog with a new lesson every few weeks. So, whether you already love designing or have never even imagined that you could, I encourage you to drop by Sharon's blog to check this out.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Benporath Mystery Edging update

Hello, everyone. I've completed the tatting of round 2 so that the foundation round of squares now has a completed round on either side. Norma's instructions have you tatting this outer round with ball and shuttle, but it is obvious that some of the rings must swing out for joining to the next and final round. I chose to tat with ball and shuttle just leaving these rings free and then folding them up and out because I felt the resulting sharp v-shape of the chains might have been what Norma had in mind. If I had chosen to tat with 2 shuttles and make these outward facing rings with the 2nd shuttle, the chains would have had the more traditional curved shape. That just isn't what I hoped to achieve.
This would be a lovely place to stop. Several of my family members thought it was finished. It will be interesting to see what effect the final round will have upon the overall appearance. The last round should produce a scalloped look and I plan to work it in the variegated thread I used for the foundation round of squares.