Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Quick Update Before I Move on to My WIP

My grandson put in a special request for a snake bookmark after seeing the wonderful collection in Dianna Stevens' Animal Bookmarks, A Tatted Zoo. He chose Lizbeth color #100 (Falling Leaves). I used Lizbeth color #694 (Harvest Orange) for the head. Both are size 20. It is marking his place in his latest read.
Motif #25 for the 25 Motif Challenge

And just in case you want to see how ridiculous it looks to try to make the Konior Spinning Wheel Glass Mat 5 times larger, here it is. I started out from the center as BattyTatter suggested to make it easier to join the final arm to the first. Looks more like a horseshoe, doesn't it? It's okay to laugh. 
I'm excited to see that Renulek has released another round for the Spring 2016 WIOSNA. I'm definitely going to make some decisions and get caught up, but that will have to wait for tomorrow.
For now, I'm off to do some tatting on my WIP Wednesday doily. Just four more arches to do and that doily is finished. Maybe today will be the day.

Update: I managed to complete one arch this evening, but that makes 4.5 completed since last Wednesday. Only 3 arches left to go.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Starting Them Right

Today was the first day of summer vacation for my grandson. Since I semi-retired last summer, I'm looking forward to lots of time with him and his sister this summer. I've been hearing for months that he wants to learn to tat, so we started with finger tatting today. I worked the left hand and he worked the right hand. He caught on to his part quickly. We made his first ring.
Little sister also wanted in on the fun. In fact, she has been very interested in my tatting lately. So here she is playing with some thread and one of my Tatsy shuttles. 
I've been battling a migraine since early afternoon so I'm working in near darkness this evening. Since that is not enough light for good photos, there won't be any visual updates on my tatting projects today. I've already trashed the lasted project which was an expanded version of Mary Konior's Spinning Wheel Glass Mat. I've seen a couple of successful expansions of the pattern to twice it's size by increasing the number of rings per round, but I discovered that there is a definite limit to how far one can take that idea. I tried increasing the number of rings by five which was a disaster. It circles back around on itself too much. If I had thought that out well before I started tatting, I would have realized it without putting the idea in thread. I don't think very quickly or clearly before or during a migraine, so I'm blaming it all on the headache. 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

My Concentric Rectangles Doily is Rather Stiff

This is turning out more beautiful than I expected. I've been disappointed in this variegated color when I've used it alone, but I really like it paired with some coordinating solid colors.
by Edda Guastalla Bianchetti
Rounds 1 - 3 completed so far.

My one regret so far is that I wish I had started over when I saw how stiff the center tatted up. I've emailed Diane (see previous post about this doily), and we both think that making the picots larger would resolve the issue. Both of us plan to try that in our next doily from this pattern, but I'm too far along to want to start over and you don't change something like that in the middle of a project.

This pattern is a pleasure to tat. The change in colors and the alternating instructions for each row offer enough diversion to make it interesting, while the pattern itself is simple to follow. I've found I need to consult the pattern only at the beginning of each round and at the first corner of each round. It's a great project to work on while doing something else with the family. I took it to the ball park last night and tatted while waiting for my grandson's game to start. I could still follow the warm-up on the field and visit with others while I worked. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Following muskaan's Picotgate Tat-along Tutorial

If you have been at all curious about the Ikuta picots, make your way to muskaan's excellent tat-along tutorial.

muskaan asked, "Is it perle tatting?" I say no. Perle tatting results in bumps or picots on either side of the core thread. I played with a couple of different ways to create the look of perle tatting in a chain, but that will have to wait for another post. Thank you, muskaan, for the tat-along tutorial on the Ikuta picot effects. It is very easy to follow and understand. 

WIP Wednesday progress

I think I got about four more arches finished on the Renulek Serwetka Wiosna 2014 doily today. Just 7.5 left to go.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Online Tatting Class - practicing folded rings & copyright

I tatted Sheila Heneise's Angel with Paisley Wings before class (first angel on the left). After class, I tatted it again trying Martha Ess's instructions for folded rings in the chains. I found it a little tricky, but I got better with practice (moving left to right). The technique is not necessary to tat this little angel, but it proved to be a good practice piece for the technique. It's nice to know more than one way to get the look. Feeling curious about how a button might look in the bodice, I hunted out a small two hole button to add to the last one. I think this button is still a little too large, though.

Motif #21, 22, 23, and 24 for the 25 Motif Challenge
Cebelia size 20 white

Georgia shared some great information with us last night about copyrights, too. I know many of us try to take great care to acknowledge the designers when we tat. I provide links, or the title of the book, wherever possible as do many of you. This is one of the ways I feel we can properly credit the designer or the person who has permission to share the design. I've also decided to start putting as much of that information as I think reasonable onto the images as well. That way, if someone finds the image in a search, they will get that information as well. If you ever have any objection to a link I've shared to your work, please let me know and I will remove it.

Consider joining the Online Tatting Class. You'll be glad you did. I can't always make one of the sessions live, but I can catch up by reading the class log. Help is always available if you have any difficulties. See the tatting of other class members on the Tatting Class Homework blog.