Monday, July 11, 2016

Butterfly with Ikuta Overlapping Picots

Motifs 7 and 8 for 25 Motif Challenge (2nd for 2016)
Left: Lizbeth color #112; Right: Flora color #228 (both size 20)

As I promised, here is the first of the reports of my weekend adventures into new techniques (new to me). Georgia Seitz first introduced me to the Ikuta picots (double, layered and overlapping) through the Online Tatting Class on May 2. When I first tried this technique in a ring (my May 9 post), I used one shuttle and a ball thread. I found it a bit tricky to keep my threads in the proper position to get the correct overlap. The step-by-step tutorial that muskaan put together for us beautifully clarified the technique for me with clear instructions for handling the two threads.  I found her use of two shuttles to be much easier, and I was able to remember the process to produce this 2nd butterfly the day after carefully following the tutorial as I worked through Ninetta's pattern to tat the first butterfly. The tutorial works! Thank you, muskaan.

I love this little butterfly. I had a little trouble with the first butterfly's 3rd and 5th rings. These are the rings that encircle rings 2 and 4 forming the upper parts of the wings. My outer rings weren't large enough. After looking carefully at the picture in Ninetta's pattern post, I tried a count of 8-8 for the inner rings with the green thread and I think it looks much better. I must say, though, that muskaan used the 14-14 count from Ninetta's written instructions and hers looks great, so it may just be a difference in tatting tension that made the smaller inner rings work better for me.

In addition to gaining confidence with the Ikuta Overlapping Picots, Ninetta's pattern also inspired me to learn the Ann Dyer Join to the Smooth Side (JSS). I used Karen Cabera's YouTube video for instruction. Karen does a great job. I think my efforts with this join got better with practice. The join in the upper right wing of the green butterfly was my 4th attempt and I did a better job of 'popping' the threads into position. It looks beautifully smooth! Thank you, Karen and Ninetta.

I have to say that when I first tried the Ikuta picots, I didn't really think I'd actually use them. Now, I think I'll enjoy adding this picot effect to some of my projects. And the JSS is a definite keeper.

Happy tatting!


God's Kid said...

Awesome butterflies!!!!! :)

Madtatter80 said...

They are beautiful will check out the techniques :)

muskaan said...

(blushing) Most welcome, Eliz.
I don't remember how I got the 14-14 count (Ninetta had sent me the rough pattern earlier, so may be from there?) but I checked for Annie Sukanto's model & she also used the 14-14 count.
I did have to increase a couple of stitches for the outer onion ring (I think I made a chain - I like them much better for onion rings)

Your butterflies & overlapping picots & JSS are superb ! Congratulations on your new learning :-)

Ninetta said...

Thank you Eliz, and many thanks for your kind comment, I updated the post with the right stitches' count.

Margarets designer cards said...

Lovely butterflies as yet they are on my list to do, something I am looking forward to trying
Well done on trying something new

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Those butterflies are fantastic! It looks like I have another technique to add to my list!

Suztats said...

I love the butterflies! Well done learning those new techniques.

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

Thank you, my friends.