Monday, August 27, 2007

Tatting & school

No pictures for you today. So sorry! But I have gotten a few things done.

My classmates and I delivered our first prepared talks tonight--a personal introduction with a visual aide. My visual was a quickly framed collection of some of my bookmarks. There was plenty of laughter as I told them about the morning my "I love tatting" t-shirt inspired a man to flag me down to ask me if I was a tatoo artist.

Georgia Seitz's request for mini tats to be given out at the South Carolina State Fair was a good excuse for an "empty those shuttles" challenge to myself. I have close to a hundred pieces ready to mail--many of which were already done. I'll try to get a group picture for the blog before I send them off. I've still got quite a pile of shuttles that need to be emptied so I can use them for something else.

Happy tatting, my friends.

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