Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fall Routine

I started college this summer! Biology and College Algebra are out of the way and more adventures await me. But my tatting really suffered as did this blog. There just wasn't time for all the things I wished to do. As I'm getting ready for the new routines of Fall, I'm also printing off my Online class notes for tomorrow in hopes that I can work that into my schedule. I so hate to miss one of Georgia's wonderful classes. And there is to be another 25 motif challenge! Much of my tatting this year will probably have to be motifs and the challenge will help to keep me motivated.

I encouraged a new tatter this summer. I showed her the shuttle tatted double stitch, but can claim little more than that in her education. She was highly motivated and used the wonderful internet resources available to all of us to move right along. I can't say enough good things about those resources and I thank every one of you who make them available.

Happy tatting, everyone! I hope to have some goodies to share with you real soon.

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