Monday, April 16, 2007

Online Class Homework

The challenge to tat today's Online Class homework in two colors with two shuttles obsessed me so I didn't get a single knot done on the doily. I was watching a movie with my girls as I tatted and missed several of the joins in my first piece. This is sample number two of Tina Frauberger's Edging published in 1913, tatted in size 30 crochet cotton.


LadyShuttleMaker said...

This looks really good! I was in class today too and I can't wait to try this pattern. Unfortunately, it will have to wait until my hectic life settles a little.
Great job!

Lindy said...

How pretty! I don't tat, I knit, but tatting is something I've always admired. I was looking through different blogs, and I just happened to come across yours!