Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Nothing for Show, but a little to Tell.

Life has been extremely busy and a bit stressful--much of it good stress, but stress nonetheless. The Cecelia Doily has been neglected for several days. I plan to pull it out for a little while when I get off the computer in just a few moments.

Part of my good news is that I've signed up for Phase I (Apprentice) of the Tatting Proficiency Program offered by Tatters Across Time, Inc. My notebook arrived Monday and I took a long (5 1/2 hour) break from the stresses of my life to play with the first project. I spent yesterday afternoon (3 1/2 hours) tatting at the local coffee shop. After dropping my teen off at an activity last night, I returned for another couple of hours. The same young man was working the counter and he was surprised to see me back so soon. Though I don't use all of the techniques covered at this level on a regular basis, I'm familiar with them. The tatting challenge for me is producing an error-free piece that is consistent throughout. Of course, the tatting projects are only part of the tasks to be completed. The program seems well designed to make sure you understand the different techniques and their uses. I'm very impressed and look forward to working at the various tasks they've assigned me. And did I mention I've been assigned a mentor? It is a confidence booster to know that another tatter who has successfully completed this level is available for advice and encouragement.

Well, I'd better go work on the doily while I can.

Happy tatting!

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