Sunday, December 11, 2011

Latest tatting inspiration

Are you familiar with some of the tatting that is being done with Trapilho yarn? Anne Bruvold posted a link within one of the forums at Intatters that took me to the website of Liv Øyen Strind where I saw some huge pieces of tatting composed of a small number of very simple motifs. I suddenly envisioned tatted doormats, table runners, bathroom rugs, etc. throughout my house. Anne then shared a link to a YouTube video of herself tatting with this yarn. Now I really must find some Trapilho yarn.


karioka said...

Great video, but id love to see how I should start it

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

I sent Georgia Seitz an email suggesting this as a topic for one of the Online Class sessions.

Val said...

this is very interesting! thanks for sharing this idea.