Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Filling Custom Orders

It has been a great weekend. I'm so excited to be filling my first orders. I've delivered a pair of earrings (Trio of Hearts) in a bright pink with white pearl beads and completed the tatting on two beribboned bookmarks with a third in progress. The two shown here are in baby pink and olive green. The third is a dark red. I've also had a request for a custom pair of earrings that required a new design. The design was approved yesterday so I'm well on my way to having them done. I'll post a picture of them once they are completely ready.


God's Kid said...

Congratulations on the orders! Those bookmarks look really nice! :)

umintsuru said...

Congratulations on your orders. So happy for you. I find that it is always the thing that encourages me to think of more designs.

Suztats said...