Friday, May 20, 2011

Untatting today

Today I will get to fix the messes I made of my projects yesterday. I realized I had added a couple of extra double stitches to one of the chains in the Dragonwing doily, but I knew that wouldn't be noticed. However, as I rounded the turn to start back to the center I realized I had added an extra picot to the bottom ring on the previous round. THAT is noticeable! So I picked up the Maltese ring butterfly I've been working on (designed by Jane Eborall). As I'm finishing wing 2, I realized that I'm going to run out of thread before this butterfly has 4 wings and my interpretation of Jane's technique is resulting in a slightly different look. I decided to turn it into a side view as I've learned what I sought to learn from the project. Since it didn't have a head ring yet, I needed to tat my way back to the beginning. The results look awful. I'm going to take those stitches out and either tat my way back to the beginning differently or add in more thread and finish the butterfly.

I was tempted to start a third project last night, but I knew that if I did, these two would wind up as UFOs. I know me. So both are going with me as I run errands with my parents today. I'm hoping that one or both will have new double stitches moving in the correct direction before the day is over.


Suztats said...

Have a good tonking day. I sometimes find it impossible to un-tat my work.

Eliz (tatknot) said...

One down and one to go. The doily is fixed and I'm making progress on it again. Now to tackle the butterfly.