Sunday, July 11, 2010

Details for yesterday's post

My first effort at Jon Yusoff's snowflake design challenge (posted at InTatters) is about to be trashed. The proportion of the Maltese rings to the center rings is not right. I'm going to try again by enlarging the Maltese rings and possibly decreasing the size of the center rings. Certainly some of those inner picots have got to go.

I thought you might enjoy these two pictures from my trip to Silver Dollar City. Not my best picture ever, but prison photos are probably like passport photos--always terrible. On the other hand, my jailor photographed quite well, including the smug grin.


God's Kid said...

I like that design. It has the tatting I need to figure out how to do to make the wings of the dragonfly I want to make, but even with the diagram I received, I just couldn't figure it out.
I like yours though! :)

Eliz (tatknot) said...

Thank you. I had to review how to do it since it had been so long since I used this technique. I know Jane Eborall has some instructions up. The instructions I put together years ago can be found in the link on the left of my blog under "Maltese Ring Pinwheel Flake." Basically you work your ring by alternating between groups of normal double stitches tatted with the shuttle and double stitches that you place directly on the shuttle thread using the unflipped knots that you use making the second side of a split ring. It's a little awkward to switch back and forth between the two tatting methods, but the results is worth the effort, I think. I hope this helps.

tattrldy said...

Those Maltese rings do look nice.