Monday, May 7, 2007

Missed the class

Well, I missed both sessions of the Online Class today, but I had a wonderful day with my husband. A tire went out on the trailer we were towing and that put us much later getting back than expected.

I got some good tatting done on the way home though! I was working on a bookmark pattern by Julie Patterson when I was struck with another idea using the Valeire Square. Thanks, Julie, for the inspiration. I got the design worked out on paper and had the test piece almost finished when daylight finally gave out. My picots are not as even as usual because of the bouncing around of the vehicle, but you'll get to see it as is when I get it finished. I want to test it in a smaller thread as well before revealing the results.

By the way, I just read the log from the class sessions. I love the ideas that were floating around for the ice cream cone and look forward to trying some of them myself. I can hardly wait to see your ice cream cones as well as your responses to the design challenge.

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