Monday, March 5, 2007

Motif #11 and doily in progress

Motif #11: My daisy picots are looking better! I still have a bit of trouble with the last if those picots closing up tighter than the first, but this heart looks much neater than my last. The link to the pattern is in my last post.

Doily Progress: My oldest daughter has been wanting a slightly rectangular doily for over a year and I decided to finally get busy on it. I'm reworking a circular roundrobin pattern she and I created when she was in her early teens. Split rings and rings off chains made it possible to do the first three rounds all in one CTM round (that is, if I hadn't run out of thread on the shuttles!). Problem solving is so much fun to me. Making this round doily into a rectangle is offering a nice challenge--so much more fun than just working a pattern! Our original was done in lavender and white, but this one is in ecru and white.

The dog I was working on is in the UFO pile for now.

Happy tatting!

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