Friday, February 23, 2007

February 23 update

I've been spending a lot of time at the computer getting my tatting patterns organized in there. The goal is to save storage space here at the house and so far I'm enjoying the changes I've made. My husband has been encouraged by the trashbags full of paper that have been going out of the house. I've even learned how to save a text file into my ipod (a Christmas present from my daughter) so I can carry some notes of a pattern with me for quick reference without worrying about losing the paper copy.

I've completed two bookmarks and almost finished a third in the past week. Not a tremendous amount of tatting, but loads more than this time last month. I've also been tatting Jan Stawasz flower. I found his diagram to be wonderfully easy to follow. It was very helpful for this tatter who rarely does directional tatting.

Motif #4: The white bookmark with the roses is an adaptation of the Rose Van Dyke Edge that I found in a sample Helping Hands Newsletter. This was a reprint from Boudoir Negligees by Adeline Cordet, Book 3. This project was a testimony to the need to concentrate! I got one motif facing up and the other facing down! Ugh!

Motif #5: In going through my paper patterns I've found quite a few that I've gathered with text but no images. The green and yellow bookmark is an adaption of one of those patterns. Dolly Hollander called it an "Ear of Corn Bookmark" when she shared it back in 2001. I changed the ends a bit to produce this one. I enjoyed the counts enough to start another adaption all in green.

UFOs: I got a few more UFOs pressed and put away. The ones that are original designs are in a notebook awaiting pattern writing. I'm not very prolific at creating original patterns that are worth writing down, but years of neglecting that part of the task has left me quite a pile to work through.

Well, I think I'll take a few minutes to check out some of your blogs to see what YOU have been up to lately.

Happy tatting!


Gina said...

Lovely job with Rosemarie's heart...I want to make a basket when I tat it...eventually. LOL! All your tatting is fantastic!
:-) Gina

tatknot said...

Thank you. I'm so glad you like it. I found Rosemarie's heart fun to tat and it will make an adorable little basket. A variegated pastel thread would make some lovely little Easter baskets.

TattingChic said...

OMGosh! Tatting notes for patterns on iPod! 'Nother excuse to get one, LOL! I'm liking your tatting technical sense, here! :)

I really like the motif with the two rosettes.