Sunday, February 19, 2017

Finishing Unfinished Objects

Victorian Heart
(Designer: Kim Goetz, Victorian Hearts and Flowers magazine by Better Homes and Gardens - 1995)
#2 in 25 Motif Challenge of 2017
size 16 Finca perle cotton

Let me start by apologizing that these haven't been blocked or pressed yet. I've put this post off all week, planning to get that done first. I finally decided it was better to let you see them as they are than to have you wondering what happened to me again.

I'm still struggling to focus on anything for very long, so I've been sorting my UFOs and working on those that didn't need much to finish them up. Many of those in this picture just needed the ends hidden. I used to have a tendency to postpone that for as long as possible. Now I tend to have fewer to deal with and I make myself handle them as I go so there aren't a large number to deal with at the end.

You'll recognize the cross and the snowflake as items I've blogged about in the past few months. I've no idea where the red object came from. Was it the beginning of something larger? No clue. I had no notes with it. The teal and pink one is a design I played with that begins with the Valeire square (see my pattern page). Only the heart required any tatting. It was a little more than half finished. It's a lovely pattern I've used often. My own notes are a hand drawn diagram I made from the original text pattern. I'm sorry I can't give you the source. I was much less concerned with that kind of thing back then--many, many years ago, when I understood nothing about copyrights and the courtesy of acknowledging sources and designers. I do love the pattern and I've used it often. In sewing machine thread, it makes the daintiest earrings.

Now I'm going to go enjoy a lovely Sunday afternoon nap. Happy tatting, everyone!


Madtatter80 said...

They all look beautiful, and I completely understand how patterns are misplaced and I have so many of those too. Hope you have a wonderful nap💟

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I admire your determination to finish these items. They look fine as is!

The heart pattern looks familiar, and it might be the one I showed on my post of Feb. 14, 2010. Designer: Kim Goetz, Victorian Hearts and Flowers magazine
(Better Homes and Gardens - 1995) She also designed a larger version, which I also showed on that post.

Jane McLellan said...

Good feeling to finish up items that have been lurking with just a little more work needed on them!

muskaan said...

Pretty pieces !!! Your Valerie square is on my to-tat list for quite some time now .
I agree about hiding ends as one goes, otherwise that day may take months or years to come ;-D

Margarets designer cards said...

Nice to finish projects and be able to say finished what's next.
Very pretty heart and lovely Valarie square, I have no idea what the red might be, a snowflake did drop into my mind but which one I have no idea.

God's Kid said...

Everything looks beautiful!!! :) I love the "doily" out of the Valarie Square!! :)
I put off hiding ends all the time(just look at my posts!). :)

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

Thanks for the encouragement, my friends. Kathy, I'm sure you are right. That is the magazine that came to mind, but I was afraid to trust my memory.