Tuesday, March 20, 2007

25 Motif Challenge

Appointments for various family members have provided me with a lot of waiting room tatting time in the last few days. Since that isn't my best design time, I've been getting some of my own patterns written up, new samples of some of them tatted up, and been playing with some of the patterns I've rediscovered while organizing my pattern collection.

Motifs 21 and 22 are variations on the Flowers on the Vine Bookmark pattern that Katie Verna sent me a long time ago. The original pattern begins with a SCMR and was done all in a variegated thread. I wanted to try two colors so I dropped the SCMR, began with a ring followed by a split ring and then used the shoe lace trick to get the colors where I needed them. She used a series of half stitches for the tail, but I decided to practice my Z-chain. Does it look like a snake crawling out of the garden? I thought so, so I started another version with more picots and a slightly different end before I began the "snake" part.

Motif 23 is a variation on Mark Myers patriotic bookmark that was posted on the internet as his pattern of the month in June 1999. The original version has the blue laced through the bookmark, but I got tired of making twisted chains and opted for one strip down the center.

Are you beginning to wonder if I ever complete a pattern as it is designed? I do, but I confess that I make changes often. Sometimes I get tired of an element or technique as I did this time or I just make a mistake and would rather adapt and move on than go back and fix it. In the case of Katie's bookmark, the designer's idea triggered other possibilities in my mind that I just HAD to try.

Motif 24 is Kim Millar's Laced Bookmark. I wanted to produce something very close to the original look, but the only threads I had in a variegated blue were a size 10 and a size 80 and I opted for the size 10. I followed the pattern exactly. (You see! I CAN do it.) The size 10 makes a much bulkier piece than I would prefer but I really love the whole look. Maybe I should try it again in that size 80. Kim's original was laced with a bright yellow. After working Mark's patriotic bookmark, I was still in the mood for more red, white, and blue and the red thread was close at hand.

Motif 25 is Betsy Evans Small Tatted Heart designed in 1998. I had Betsy's written instructions and a diagram. I made this tatted sample to store with the pattern to remind me what it should look like. Betsy's instructions and diagram were very easy to follow. It is definitely a pattern that I'll use again. In fact, all of these patterns were a pleasure to tat--definite keepers.

I believe that finishes the 25 motif challenge for me, but there is still plenty I want to get accomplished this year. So check back now and then to see what I've been doing and drop me a note. I love to read your comments.

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***Jon**** said...

Good job Eliz. I hope you had much fun completing the challenge as I did. And I like the leced-up bookmark that you did.