Saturday, December 30, 2017

Tatting as 2017 comes to an end, part 1

I apologize for the delay in updating you on my tatting. Since several of them were Christmas presents, I was busy scrambling to complete them before the big day.

Motifs 12 & 13 of 2017 25 Motif Challenge
2 pillow cases edgings
Variation of Tatted Heart Edging 
Published in Victorian Hearts & Flowers Magazine, 1995
Size 20 Lizbeth thread, Color #147 Red Burst

I bought this issue of the magazine for the heart patterns and this edging. I can't remember exactly which issue it was that year and I kept the patterns and discarded the magazine. I used the hearts patterns numerous times, but this is the first time I worked the edging. It was a happy accident that I omitted the arching chain that should have replaced every other heart in the edging. I was several repeats into the pattern before I realized what I'd done, but I actually liked this so I kept on going. 

I attached the edging as you see in the above picture and I stitched along the edging of the pillowcases as well as over and through the hearts to keep them firmly in place. It was important that they be able to withstand a washer and dryer as I wanted my mother to actually use them rather than keep them boxed up somewhere. I used invisible nylon sewing thread to attach the edging. That stuff is my new best friend. My hand sewing is not as lovely and invisible as it once was and this thread hides itself very nicely.

One more thing I did was to overlap the edges of the lace rather than create a completed circle. Mom had commented on the current inconsistency in the sizes of pillow cases and I wanted to make sure that this lace, which will long outlast these pillow cases, could be removed and applied to another set.

Happy tatting everyone. Watch for Part 2 tomorrow.


Michelle said...

I love the invisible thread too but I have to use it in the daylight. Haha! Your edging is beautiful and the overlap makes a LOT of sense!

God's Kid said...

That edging is gorgeous!!!! :) You did an awesome job on it!!! :)

Jane McLellan said...

What a special gift! Yes, invisible thread is marvelous but tricky to work with.

muskaan said...

I love the way you sewed it in - highlights the hearts !!!

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

Thanks for the kind comments. I ran the lace placement by my daughters before I committed. I like the way it looks, but I also think it helps to make the lace more stable for laundering. Mom loves them which is what I hoped for. Happy New Year!