Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Additions & Updates to MyPatterns and More December 2015 tatted presents;

I've updated the links and added a few patterns to My Patterns. The newly posted ones are patterns I've shared in the past, many of them ages ago. Be warned! I have not updated the instructions. They reflect what I knew how to tat and what I knew about sharing my patterns at the time.

Here is a picture of some red ornaments I made for my niece using size 30 Cecelia thread. I apologize this isn't the best picture of the tatting, but as usual I was scrambling to get everything pressed, stiffened, and wrapped up at the last minute.
All three patterns are by Pam Palmer. 
*Santa's Sleigh is on page 8 of Tatting Treats (1994).
*Rocking Horse is on page 4 of Tatting Treats Two (1997).
*Teddy Bear is on page 10 of Tatting Treats Two (1997).

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StringyDogs said...

I suspect you also wanted a picture of your lovely niece! Fantastic that you are passing on the ability!