Tuesday, May 31, 2016

WIP completed

I'm still struggling with migraines so I've been grateful that I had two projects in process that were easy to follow. That didn't keep me from needing to un-tat a lot, but both use size 20 threads so it wasn't difficult to do.

DMC Cecelia size 20, Ecru
Finished size: approximately 21 inches or 54 cm
Motif #1 for 2nd 25 Motif Challenge for 2016
The first of Renulek's full-sized doilies that I've tatted, but I loved it. 

I've also made a little progress on round 4 of the Concentric Rectangles doily. The corners are the part that gave me trouble this week. I say corners even though you see only one in this picture. I've just un-tatted a corner and got it going correctly again. If you are thinking about trying this doily, don't let my difficulty with the corners deter you. I was tired and in pain, but really wanted to tat anyway.

Colors have been chosen for rounds 7, 8 and 9 of the current Renulek tat-along doily. I'm just reluctant to tat on that one until the headaches clear up. Un-tatting with size 20 thread isn't too bad, but size 80 is more of a challenge, and I'm working in low light as well. Hopefully, the weather will stabilize and I'll get some double stitches done on that one, too. I'm also eager to get to muskaan's part 2 tat-along of the Ikuta Picots. I really look forward to tatting Ninetta's butterfly.

Happy tatting, everyone!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Both of your projects look fantastic! I have also had trouble with the corners, not because the pattern is difficult, but because I've been overconfident and didn't pay attention.

I'm sorry to read that you are still struggling with migraines. I tried something I had read on the Internet the last time I had a migraine, just a few weeks ago. I ate a banana, two squares of Dove dark chocolate, and drank a glass of Coke. It took the edge off the headache so that I could function, and it eased the nausea.

I hope you're feeling well soon!

muskaan said...

Congratulations! WIP Wednesday really did do the trick :-) It looks beautiful!
Sorry to hear that the migraines still haven't left. (((Hugs)))
I worked on the last part of the tat-along this morning (still a bit left), but am wondering whether to wait till the name issue is resolved....
Renulek will be posting Rnd 10 on Thursday. So you will get an opportunity to consider that as well in your colour decision.

Michelle said...

Your 2014 is stunning! I can't imagine how you can tat with a migraine. I must lay in a cool, dark place doing nothing(boring). I've been making mine in size 80 too and I love the feel of the tiny thread!

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

I often add Dr. Pepper or Pepsi to my meds, Diane, as the caffeine does seem to boost their effectiveness, but I haven't tried the banana and dark chocolate. I awoke without a headache today for the first time in over a week and it feels so good.

muskaan, I doubt I'll have caught up by then, so it could result in some color plan changes. And, yes, WIP Wednesday is working for me. The dedicated project gets picked up more often throughout the week because I think about it more. I've already selected my next WIP Wednesday project.

Well, Michelle, if they come on hard and fast, there is no other option than the one you use. But I have had them so frequently over the years (dating all the way back to childhood), that I just had to learn to cope better than that most of the time. Modern medicine helps, but most of them last about 3 days. I wear very dark glasses indoors and keep the lights and noise to a functioning minimum. The rest of the family can't see what they are eating for dinner, but I can see just fine. ;)

God's Kid said...

I really hope you get relief from your headaches very soon, and I will pray for you!!
Your Spring 2014 doily is stunning!!!!!!!!!! :)
Your rectangle doily is looking great!!! :)
And, I agree about working on the size 80(mine is size 80 too) with a headache, and having to pick out mistakes, but I know you will get back to it when you feel well and it will look fabulous!!! :)

Jane McLellan said...

Congratulations on finishing the Renulek doily, looks wonderful! You're making good progress on the rectangles. I hope the headache stays away so you can finish restfully.

Wanda said...

I hope you get relief from the headaches soon. Glad to see you are able to accomplish some tatting in spite of the pain. Both doilies look great.

Fox said...

Renulek is superb! Rectangular tatting looks lovely too.

brady said...

You are a trooper! I can not tat with a migraine. Sometimes I can crochet, but sometimes it feels like the headache takes over the whole side of my body. Everyone's different, but I've had some improvement with a daily high dose magnesium supplement. They still come, but they don't stay as long. Hope you're 100% soon.

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

Thanks, all. I've had a better day today.