Sunday, May 29, 2016

Blog Updates

Hello, everyone. Migraines have troubled me every day this past week as a result of all of our unsettled weather. It doesn't look to improve much in the next few days. What little tatting I've done this week has been on projects with simple repeats, and I've still done almost as much un-tatting as tatting. I did manage to make some updates to the blog and blog links this weekend though.

Many thanks to muskaan for the techniques and links she has provided for Element-al Approach to Tatting. All documents have been updated and the Techniques document is now available in both Word and pdf formats with active links. You'll find them by clicking on "Tatting Techniques" in the blog menu above. These are works in progress so your help is invaluable to making them better resources for all of us. Send me a link to tutorials and practice patterns. If you see I've omitted a technique or idea from either document, please let me know.

A click on "My Tatting Patterns" in the blog menu will take you to the latest pattern updates. At the request of some of you, I added the instructions for the motif I used to try looping a chain back on itself to form a mock ring and the instructions for the edging that I used to compare consecutive vs simultaneous joins.

Happy tatting!

NOTE: All links to tatsall webpages were working earlier today, but are now returning, "You are not authorized to view this page." Is anyone else having a problem with these links? "Ruffled picots" and "Stiffening" are just two of the techniques in the Elemental documents with links to this website.


Ninetta said...

Thank you very much for your document, Eliz, it's really useful. About that error for tatsall site, as far as I understand, the good news is that the site is still there! We can wait and try again later this week or, if you know them, ask tatsall site's owner.

muskaan said...

Thanks for all your work, and also for providing them in both formats :-)
That must've been a temporary glitch to Marty's blog. I was able to access it, though I could't find the tutorials/techniques through the search box in her blog. Anyways, off to download the updates :-)

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

The website I'm having trouble with isn't Marty's. It is the site of a Gale Marshall, a Canadian tatter. I'm glad to say that Ninetta was right and the website is now loading just fine.