Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bits and Pieces

I had fun playing with my shuttles today. It began when I decided to empty a few shuttles making little bits to share at demonstrations (mostly for the children).
I decided to try Wanda Salman's button motif idea first. I didn't realize how close my motif was to hers until I visited it again so I could add the link for you. I guess I remembered it more precisely than I thought as I was not trying to copy your pattern, Wanda. The larger heart is an attempt at Kiss Curl Heart by Nicola Bowersox, but I didn't follow the stitch count very closely. Of course, the butterfly is a very common idea. 

Then I decided to practice some techniques. I had the larger clovers already tatted and practiced the single shuttle split ring to hide the ends securely. 

The small clovers are a pattern by Gina Brummett, Lucky Seven Shamrock. I just hate to tat the dimpled ring that uses a picot. Gina's pattern uses Josephine sets. I like this method so much better. So I made two of them and used SSSRs to hide the ends. Then I made a couple of hearts by making only one 'leaf' of the clover. You see only one of them because I immediately lost one of them., two of them, but somehow I lost one of them immediately after tatting it. 

The last little item was an attempt at Abbytatsalot's caterpillar, but I ran out of thread at the 3rd ring. I  was especially interested in it because of its frayed picots. Even as a little 3-ring creature, it's pretty cute, I think.

Happy tatting!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Now you'll have little tatted bits to give away at demonstrations! It looks like you had a great time using up threads on shuttles.

God's Kid said...

Great bits and pieces!!! :)

muskaan said...

I like the assortment :-) And the hiding within SSSR is a very handy technique!
You could even join a few of these to paper clips to be used as bookmarks. Won't be easy to lose then ;-)