Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flower Bookmark

I had a flower left over from the first Tischband I did as part of the Tat Along and it was purple--perfect for what I had in mind. I designed the rest of it as I went. I wanted the illusion of a small budded vine climbing the stem. The contrast between the greens is not as great as it appears in the picture. I pearl-tatted the darker  green stem. The lighter-colored vine is blended with light purple size 80 thread. I think I should have added a few picots to the little buds to give them a softer look, but my girls liked it as it is.

This was a retirement gift for a co-worker who has become a friend. I shall miss her smiling face and gentle manner which brightens the work day for all of us, but I know she is going to enjoy extra time with her husband who had already retired. They plan to do some traveling and hiking and visit their children and grandchildren who live farther away. I wish Pam the very best.


JB said...

It's beautiful. Love the design. Lucky retiree.

** jess! ** said...

How pretty!

God's Kid said...

Great flower!! :)

Gunhild said...

This is soo nice, the way you arranged the leaves !