Sunday, December 25, 2011

I'm spending this special holiday with people who brighten my life. I'll take along some tatting, but I'm unlikely to get any done. I will do lots of singing, eating, and laughing though.

Still no pictures for the blog, but I've done a little tatting. I spent my first few days off getting some shopping done. I've pulled out my tatting only one afternoon, but the result is a new use for one of my old designs. The only hint you get at the moment is that it contains some lovely red beads. My plans for this next week include lots of tatting and designing time as well as more time working with EazyDraw.

I hope each of you finds some time this week to enjoy those activities and people who brighten your lives.

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umintsuru said...

Merry Christmas Eliz. Sounds like you will be having fun.