Friday, May 27, 2011

Bill Cosby Breakfast

I began my day with a special breakfast today--a rare treat. Have you heard Bill Cosby's monologue about chocolate cake for breakfast? (It is available on YouTube.) My husband and I heard the monologue before we ever had children. Once our children came along, we shared this breakfast concept with them. We are too nutrition-conscious to eat that way often, but it is fun to break out of the usual mold now and then. Mom made a gluten-free, vanilla cake yesterday and topped it with a chocolate glaze that was my grandmother's recipe. You cook the chocolate until it is almost at candy stage, poke holes into the cake, and pour it over the top. It soaks into the cake making a delicious, gooey dessert. It was wonderful yesterday and wonderful today and brought back great memories from my childhood and the years of raising our children.


Michelle said...

Holy moly- sign me up!

You could make a killing with a bed and breakfast like this!

God's Kid said...

Now that's my kind of breakfast!!! :)