Friday, August 6, 2010

Snowflake size comparisons

I apologize for the poor image, but it works to let us compare the sizes of these 3 snowflakes that came out of Jon Yusoff's design challenge issued at InTatters. All three were tatted with Finca size 16 perle cotton. I've included a 6 inch ruler at the bottom of the picture and a Clover shuttle at the top to aid in comparing sizes. The one on the left was designed by frakira. The one on the right was designed by carolivy. The one in the middle is mine. While these were not the only patterns to come out of the challenge, they are the only ones I'm going to get tatted at the moment. I invite you to visit InTatters to view the other designs and to get all of the patterns. All of them resulted from different tatters' interpretations of the SAME initial diagramed idea! These three are a good example of the variety that came out of the challenge. Isn't it amazing how different they are?

I finished carolivy's snowflake today during a tatting tea party with my daughters--the first we've had together in about 5 years! Now that she has finished grad school, my oldest has picked up her shuttles again. My youngest just hung out with us today, but she has decided she wants to pick up bobbin lace again. I introduced her to it when she was in her early teens, but it was not something she wished to pursue at that time. I've promised to get our bobbin lace supplies back out so she can get started again before I get busy with college classes. I'm very excited about making lace with my girls again.


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

All three snowflakes are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your photo. I needed some inspiration for a new project!

Funny, I've been thinking of pulling out my bobbin lace supplies also... maybe this weekend. : )

Sunela said...


What a great comparison. I love all the three snowflakes.

Fox said...

All three are lovely!

As you know, I was beguiled by your pattern. I am now smitten with the one on the left. Going over to InTatters right now. Thanks for the heads up.
Fox : )