Sunday, May 30, 2010

Oops results in Crusty

I've done very little tatting, but I've been converting my tatting pattern files to pdfs so I can transfer them from my old PC to my Mac. I should be able to finish it with one more day of labor. When I did decide to sit down to tat for a bit, I started with a simple ring and chain cross in the variegated Lizbeth threads I mentioned previously. I got off to a bad start by making my chains too long so that I didn't get a good 90 degree angle at the first arm. I decided to keep tatting and just see where I ended. Crusty here was born of my efforts. I've seen some more realistic crustaceans by other designers, but I like him anyway.


***Jon**** said...

Crusty is delicious, :)

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, Liz, do email me over transferring from a PC to a Mac. I did it last October. There's no need to 'lose' your word processing files - they transfer easily if you use the right FREE software on the mac. I also used a cable that simply transferred everything over from one to t'other. LOVE that b'fly.