Friday, March 23, 2007

More Dancing Flowers

I'm still currently fascinated with Dancing Flowers. Reproducing the same pattern over and over again rarely appeals to me, but so far interest is still holding. I've experimented with joining the blooms at different picots, trying a different color. The pile of flowers is growing nicely though I haven't bothered to count them. I'll quit when I'm tired of them and move on to something else.

Ruth is going to put the pattern in the Tat Calendar soon. Irfanview proved perfect for creating a visual pattern for you and she has the written instructions as well. Until someone else tats a pattern, it is hard to anticipate the problems. I'm counting on you tatters to alert me to any problems you find in the instructions.

Happy Tatting!


NancyMaria said...

Oh, how I love to shuttle tat ever since I got a library video to teach me! Your work is so beautiful.
I'm so busy with knitting but I plan on taking some time to tat...again.

tatknot said...

Thank you and congratulations on teaching yourself to tat with the video!